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Rural Community Foundation Match Program


The Patterson Family Foundation is pleased to extend our Rural Community Foundation Match Program into 2024. In partnership with the Kansas Association of Community Foundations (KACF), the Patterson Family Foundation will once again provide up to $70,000 in matching funds to qualifying community foundations as a way to support their match events. This initiative is designed to stimulate local philanthropy within rural areas across our catchment of Kansas and northwestern Missouri communities.

Match events run by local community foundations can be a powerful way to actively involve communities in supporting philanthropy in their own communities. The incentives provided through this program can enhance the number of donors, the quantity of donations, and the average contributions made to community foundations during their match events—increasing the impact made by community foundations and helping ensure their sustainability. Central to our organization’s ethos is the principle of actively listening to the communities we serve. This initiative honors that principle by allowing local boards to retain the authority to determine the distribution of matching funds.

Please see the information below on eligibility, how to apply, how funds may be used, and reporting requirements.

Program Details


Applying organizations do not need to be members of the Kansas Association of Community Foundations to participate in this opportunity.

Applicant organizations should:
• Be a 501(c)(3) community foundation or an affiliate of a 501(c)(3) community foundation (of any asset size).
• Be located in and serving a county or community within the Patterson Family Foundation's catchment in Kansas or northwestern Missouri.
• Meet the definition of community foundations as listed below:
As defined by the Council on Foundations/Mastering Foundation Law, a community foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, autonomous, nonsectarian philanthropic institution supported by the public with the long-term goal of:
o Building permanent, component funds established by many separate donors to carry out their charitable interests,
o Supporting the broad-based charitable interests and benefitting the residents of a defined geographic area, typically no larger than a state, and
o Serving in leadership roles on important community issues.

Additionally, a community foundation:
o Meets the public support test under IRC Section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) as modified by Treasury Regulations Section 1.170A-9(f)(10),
o Has a governing body broadly representative of the general public,
o Operates primarily as a grantmaking institution and may also provide direct charitable services,
o Maintains a broad grants program to multiple grantees that is neither limited by field of interest nor to serving only parts of the population, and
o Is structured primarily as a permanent collection of named funds that carry out the diverse charitable purposes specified by the governing body and donors and has a long-term goal to increase the assets held as permanent unrestricted endowment.

Affiliates of Community Foundation must meet this definition:
• Be a collection of component funds:
o benefitting a defined geographic area, and
o benefitting a variety of organizations beyond their own organization and interests,
o that are legally a part of, and subject to, the policies and operations of the host community foundation.

Applicants should be applying for a match event or events as defined below: • A match event is a fundraising campaign to help community foundations increase contributions and the number of donors and provide sustainability for their foundation.
• While not required, most match events in our catchment include local nonprofit participation, being able to share an opportunity for your donors to select the cause they are most passionate about.
• This campaign will be executed according to the community foundation board's determination.
• Each community foundation will select the time frame for the match program, but the duration limit for this year’s match event activities is one month. Any month on the calendar is available. Participating foundations can host a one-day event, a month-long campaign, or something in between.
• We encourage match events to focus on community foundation sustainability by attracting additional donors and donations for the community foundation.

Grant Award

• A 1:1 match with a maximum match of up to $70,000 per community foundation will be provided. All matching grants are prorated for community foundations that do not raise the full amount.
• Decisions regarding applications from multiple organizations serving the same county will be deferred until the conclusion of the program. All applications will be reviewed, but not every applicant may receive funds.
• The matching grant from this program will match 1:1 to the original donor gift. Community foundations may participate in additional matches offered by other organizations; however, this program will not match those additional amounts.
• Patterson Family Foundation will not match donor-advised funds.


If you have any questions about this program, please contact:

Christy L. Tustin, Executive Director
Kansas Association of Community Foundations
Phone: (785) 747-7999
Email: christy@kansascfs.org
Website: Kansas Association of Community Foundations

Sara Hackett, Program Officer
Patterson Family Foundation
Email: sara@pffkc.org

Grant Usage

This grant is designed to empower local leadership in addressing community needs. Match funds may be allocated at the discretion of the community foundation's leadership. The Patterson Family Foundation and KACF retain the right to propose alterations to funding utilization if there are concerns regarding distribution strategies.

The Foundation will not fund gun raffles, political organizations, fireworks, or county/community fair events.
• We define a county/community fair as a competitive exhibition, usually with entertainment and amusements. A fair is usually held annually at a set location.
o A county fair association may be organized and incorporated in each county of the state for the purpose of holding an annual fair and giving such public exhibitions and entertainments as its board of directors may determine to be for the improvement of the county and its citizens.
o If the county fair associations operate as nonprofits, they are eligible to participate in the community foundation's match event(s) based on the parameters set by that specific community foundation. However, as per the definition provided, Patterson Family Foundation match funding should not be utilized to endorse, bolster, or supplement fairs or their associated funds at participating community foundations.

Supporting Documentation

Applicants for the grant are not obliged to submit any supporting documentation with this application. Additionally, they have the option to upload their annual report and up to three attachments of collateral related to their match event(s) on our portal prior to submitting their application. KACF will require the community foundation to submit a W9 before authorizing payment.

How to Apply

We use a portal for our application requests. Please create a profile by clicking here. Our internal team will confirm this request. It is not instantaneous; please anticipate a response between twenty-four and forty-eight hours.

If you have already registered, please click here to log in.

To reset your password, please follow the account recovery process at login. If you need additional support, please contact us at info@pffkc.org. We will do our best to respond to your request in a timely manner.

Registrations will be accepted until March 12, 2024. Applications will close on March 19, 2024.

Notification to Grant Recipients

All applicants will receive a response from KACF regarding the status of their application. This response will occur by April 15, 2024.

Reporting Requirements

After completing your match event, your organization will be asked to provide a report containing the information outlined below. This report must be submitted one month after your final event(s). A check for match funds will be issued within two weeks of the submission of your organization's report. Report submissions will be accepted until January 31, 2025.

• Organization name
• Assets as of December 31, 2023
• Please share an overview of your 2024 match event(s) including event(s), community engagement, and opportunities to participate. Please share how/if these plans change from your initial application.
• Did you achieve your 2024 overall match goal? (Please list goal amount excluding matches and a goal that includes match funding and narrative.)
• 2024 amount raised (excluding all matches)
• 2024 match event fundraising total (with all matches)
• Total match amount received besides Patterson Family Foundation (Please list amount and name of organization.)
• Did you achieve your 2024 goal for total number of donors? (Please list the goal and narrative.)
• Number of the 2024 match event donors
• Did you achieve your 2024 average donation goal? (Please list the goal and narrative.)
• List 2024 average match donation
• What was the largest donation from your 2024 match event(s)?
• Number of large donations over $1,000
• What is the likelihood of your 2024 match donors donating to your community foundation for another match event?
• What is the likelihood of your 2024 match donors donating to your community foundation outside of a match event?
• Did you receive any planned gifts during the match event(s)? If so please list the number you received.
• Did you achieve your 2024 goal for total number of nonprofits participating? (Please list goal and narrative.)
• Number and name of community foundation match event participating nonprofits
• Dollar amount of match funds given to firework shows, gun raffles, lobbying, county/community fairs, or to pay an organization with a political agenda
• How many staff or volunteer hours does it take to plan and execute your match event(s)?
• Explain how your match event(s) is creating sustainability for your community foundation.
• Please detail any suggestions for program implementation and execution.
• How did you share the word or promote your match event(s)?
• Were your efforts to reach your community successful, in your opinion?
• Are there tools or resources that could help you share the word and engage additional match event participation?


KACF will issue a check within two weeks of receipt of the completed outcomes report, as outlined above.


Community foundations located and serving in Kansas or Missouri within the Patterson Family Foundation's catchment. Applicants must have 501(c)(3) designation or be an affiliate partner with 501(c)(3) designation. Please see the Eligibility section above for details.
Information submitted either on or related to this program's application is accessible by KACF and the Patterson Family Foundation staff only. Neither KACF nor the Foundation will release any sensitive information gathered during this process; unless approved by the applicant.
The purpose of this grant is to empower local leadership to address community needs. Match funds may be distributed at the discretion of the community foundation's leadership. The Patterson Family Foundation and KACF reserve the right to suggest changes to funding use in the event there are concerns regarding distribution strategies. This match grant cannot be used to match funds donated for the following purposes: firework shows, gun raffles, lobbying, county fairs, or to pay any organization with a political agenda.
Funding opportunities from the Patterson Family Foundation are currently by invitation only. For inquiries not related to community foundation match grants, please contact us using the link at the bottom of our webpage.
Si necesita ayuda en español, favor de contáctenos en programs@pffkc.org

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