Why We Do It
Why We Do It

Supporting rural isn’t just our mission. It’s our promise.

Our rural communities deserve an equitable future. We’re committed to finding ways to create opportunities, fuel potential and keep the backbone of America thriving. Day after day. Generation after generation.

Strength in numbers

115 – More than 115 counties served.
$51.3 M – Amount of funds provided in 2023.
Est. 2007 – Serving rural communities for nearly two decades.

Carrying a legacy forward

Neal and Jeanne Patterson left the family a blueprint to follow: continue helping those who need it most. And that’s exactly what we do.

Fueling rural potential

Our rural communities can do anything. We’re here to make sure nothing gets in your way.

Focused on Rural

We understand the unique challenges that rural communities face every day. And we understand that there’s a need for advocacy, collaboration, and just a little bit of help.

Partnering with People

Local organizations and leaders understand the problems better than anyone. We work with them — and you — to find solutions that work for your community.

Honoring a Legacy

Neal and Jeanne meant everything to us. We honor all they did for us — and for rural communities — by doing all we can for you.

“Create value and good things will happen.”

Neal Patterson

“Every opportunity is the result of a problem.”

Neal Patterson

“It’s all hard, complex and ambiguous at best.”

Neal Patterson

“Leading through vision is how you move the boundaries of an organization.”

Neal Patterson

“Live good lives. Be bold. Be brave. Don’t be a wimp.”

Neal Patterson

“The future can be changed in the present.”

Neal Patterson

“You have to have fun along the way. You can’t wait for it.”

Neal Patterson