Who We Are
Who We Are

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We’re a passionate, talented team personally committed to improving the well-being and livelihood of the places we care about. Get to know us. Then let’s get to work.

“In rural communities you find our past—our roots and heritage—and our future. These communities are important to who we are and who we will be. It’s why I believe they should have every opportunity to thrive through access to quality health care, education and economic opportunity.”



“Rural made me who I am today. Growing up in a small town I was lucky to have a support network of family, friends, and neighbors who all believed in caring for all members of our community. The spirit of looking out for others was and is entrenched in small town life. It is an honor to be a part of a foundation woven of this same fabric.”


Chief Legal Officer

“I believe rural communities deserve recognition and advocacy because of the crucial contributions they make to society. It’s incumbent upon us all to be informed advocates for our hard-working, rural neighbors.”


Vice President of Programs & Strategy

“Rural communities are the lifeblood of America – daily life is impossible without their numerous contributions. I am grateful to be part of an organization dedicated to listening and engaging with individual community members, empowering them to thrive, and helping to preserve and exemplify their culture to all.”


Director of Technology

“People shouldn’t have to relocate to find a better quality of life. I love finding organizations and individuals that are committed to cultivating their own backyards, and I’m glad that we as a foundation can help them step into their potential.”


Administrative & Operations Leader

“I believe providing access to quality healthcare and education is essential to supporting rural Missouri and Kansas. I want to take part in advocating for rural areas to ensure they receive the necessary resources to cultivate and sustain a thriving community.”


Operations Coordinator

“Rural matters to me because it encompasses the heart and soul of many communities across the globe, requiring resiliency in order to maintain a great community, vital relationships and ongoing engagement of the residents.”


Program Officer

“Growing up in Southeast Kansas, I have seen firsthand that rural communities are a vital piece of our nation’s social and economic fabric. I am proud to be part of a foundation that helps support them to grow and thrive for generations to come.”


Program Officer

“Neighbors supporting neighbors. Communities that uplift their own to instill passion, integrity, and value history. I’m proud to be part of an organization that empowers rural communities by listening to their needs.”


Program Officer

“Rural communities are beautiful places inhabited by resilient people, but they are also fragile in a way. Almost a quarter of America’s elderly and one in five children live in rural areas.  I want the people who live in rural communities to know that they are important to America’s past and future.”


Chief Strategist
Board of Directors

Built on a strong foundation.

The Patterson Family Foundation was established to reinvest in rural communities and cultivate values of education and hard work for current and future generations. Currently, the Foundation is led by the adult children of the Patterson Family.





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“Create value and good things will happen.”

Neal Patterson

“Every opportunity is the result of a problem.”

Neal Patterson

“It’s all hard, complex and ambiguous at best.”

Neal Patterson

“Leading through vision is how you move the boundaries of an organization.”

Neal Patterson

“Live good lives. Be bold. Be brave. Don’t be a wimp.”

Neal Patterson

“The future can be changed in the present.”

Neal Patterson

“You have to have fun along the way. You can’t wait for it.”

Neal Patterson