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Rural Hospital Telehealth

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Rural hospitals increasingly rely on telehealth services to extend high-quality specialty care to patients living in remote areas. The Patterson Family Foundation recognizes the opportunities offered by telehealth to improve rural patients’ access to care while decreasing their travel-associated time and cost. Effective telehealth services and programs in rural communities can improve patients’ care options and health outcomes while also supporting the needs of providers and staff to balance heavy workloads.

Patterson Family Foundation is looking to reward innovative service providers through a grant program that helps support their telehealth and medical technology needs. The Foundation's goal with this program is to help improve rural residents’ options for receiving local specialty care while improving hospitals’ capacity to provide the high-quality care their communities want and need.

Applying nonprofit rural hospitals may request funding support for telehealth licensing fees, equipment and supplies needed for telehealth appointments, local broadband or hotspot expenses, and provider/health care organization fees for implementing telehealth visits.

Applications will be received from August 7 to August 31, 2023. Read on for more details.

Program Details


Applicant organizations must:
• Be a rural-serving hospital with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3).
• Be located in and serving a county or community within the Patterson Family Foundation's Kansas or northwestern Missouri catchment.

Grant Award / Use of Funds

The purpose of this grant is to increase access to specialty services and providers and support the types of care needed to treat patients by supporting medical technology and telehealth programs in their community. The maximum award amount is $250,000.

Applicant organizations may request funds for telehealth license fees, equipment and supplies needed to host telehealth appointments, local broadband or hotspot expenses, provider/larger health care organization fees

Out of scope funds include payroll, benefits or insurance coverage, rent, utilities, or building maintenance, capital expenses, and EMR/EHR expenses

Supporting Documentation

Grant recipients must provide the following documentation at the time of application:
• IRS tax-exempt status letter
• Equipment, supplies, licensing fees, telehealth provider fee quotes and/or bids
• Telehealth license documentation (if applicable)

How to Apply

Interested and eligible organizations can apply between August 7 through August 31, 2023, via the Patterson Family Foundation Grants Portal. We will review and verify that applicants meet the eligibility criteria. This is a competitive opportunity.

Please click here to preview the questions that will be asked in the application process.

Grant Timeline

• Application opens August 7, 2023
• Application deadline 5:00 p.m. CDT August 31, 2023
• Application review period September 2023
• Grantee notification and funding disbursement targeted late September 2023

Reporting Requirements

We are committed to the ongoing success of our grant recipients. We request that our awarded grantees submit reports six months and one year after funding to share the purchase details of the equipment/supplies as approved in the application.

Some items we'll be curious to learn include:

• Summary of the equipment/supplies purchased
• Status of the telehealth program (including services administered, number of providers, and/or licensing details)
• A statement indicating how Patterson Family Foundation funding was allocated based on the proposal, including the status of funds spent to date
• Any increase in services and/or patients based on telehealth services
• Other funding and grants awarded and amounts
• Other interesting outcomes, impacts, and testimonials


If you have any questions about this program, please contact:

Denise Schuele, Program Officer
Patterson Family Foundation


Nonprofit rural hospitals with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) located in and serving a county or community within the Patterson Family Foundation catchment in Kansas or northwestern Missouri. Please see Eligibility above for details.
Information submitted either on or related to this program's application is accessible by the Patterson Family Foundation staff only. The Foundation will not release any sensitive information gathered during this process; unless approved by the applicant.
The application is comprised of about twenty questions and should take no more than twenty minutes. You will be asked to upload proof of tax exemption. Applicants will be able to save and resume the application as needed.
For inquiries not related to telehealth grants, please contact us using the link at the bottom of our webpage.
Si necesita ayuda en español, favor de contáctenos en programs@pffkc.org

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